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03, May 2014 - Waldo Texas Man Sentenced to Over 11 Years for Drug Trafficking Claudie J. Miller, 42, of Desoto Texas was identified as the primary source of supply for methamphetamine in the drug-trafficking organization in the Waldo, Arkansas area.
21, Apr 2013 - Waldo UPDATE: Ethics amendment defeated The line's open. Cleaning up: * AN ETHICS WRINKLE — AND THEN A DEFEAT : As legislators struggled with whether to put an ethics/legislative pay/term limits dilution amendment on the ballot, others were watching closely. Such as Paul Jacob , an Arkansas native and national leader of the term limits movement . He filed a proposed initiative today for attorney general review and said he'd move ...
08, Apr 2013 - Waldo Operation Crystal Clear Nets 24 Arrests for Drug Trafficking The U.S. Attorney's Office says 24 suspects have been charged with state and federal crimes involving large scale drug trafficking of methamphetamine in Waldo and Magnolia, Arkansas, and surrounding areas.
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Former UCA president Allen Meadors charged
Charles 1:18 PM Aug 30 +1 Share | Flag Did anyone read this mess, there were multiple copies of this letter,the attachment showed 5 people copie(...)
09 24, 2012 | 08:57 Report Abuse
Wanted Alabama man for sexual child abuse arrested in Arkansas
i was sexual abuse and people need to stop it now(...)
04 21, 2012 | 22:52 Report Abuse
I unfortunately know him very well. Not only is he an abuser but he is also a drunk. He has hurt alot of people with the things he has done and he should b(...)
06 22, 2012 | 20:31 Report Abuse
Lancaster County man facing theft, drug charges
So...If you as a reader are doing drugs,this is where you'll end up. It is an expensive habit and you will do anything for that high.You will also loose ev(...)
03 31, 2012 | 12:30 Report Abuse
Hey, he is locked up again in Harrison County Mississippi. (...)
04 14, 2014 | 08:37 Report Abuse
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To First Name Joshua Last Name Hamilton, in Grady Arkansas
we love u and we miss u so much i cant wait til u get home for u can help me with the boys and be at home with us spending time us watchin movies together (...)
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To Xavier Harris, in Parish
troy we really miss you after this stay out of trouble and be good love angie and family(...)
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To Ike Nunn, in Jackson County Jail
i don't have no way to talk to you. I have no phone but if you wish to talk to me and tell me how you are than try e-mailing me at edithnunn@yahoo.com and(...)
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To Michael Cannady, in Garland Co Jail
call me if u can at 5015459678 if u can and let me know what happens in court tommorw(...)
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fictitious tags (Greenbrier , Arkansas)
I observed apt.3 putting fictitious tags on a Cadillac (...)
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meth cookin (West Memphis, Arkansas)
arrested Beth Dunlap(...)
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Magnolia-Columbia County Chamber of Commerce Awards
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Columbia County jail escape
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Robert Harrison
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Houck arrest
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Houck home search
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Operation Crystal Clear in Columbia County, Arkansas
Updated: April 08 2013
Columbia County Jail, Arkansas, USA
Updated: April 08 2013
Whistleblower Lawyer Columbia County, AR (866)598-0941 Arkansas Qui Tam Lawsuit
Updated: April 08 2013
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Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, Dell, Victoria's Secret: these are some of the many familiar brands which use or have a history of using US based prison labor. Generally, prisoners are hired to perform (...)

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