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Inmate: Carl Thornton40619
Jail / Facility: San Luis, Az Cocopah Unit
Location: San Luis Arizona

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to everone

i hear you have my man there, i know letters r important, but do all of ya'll run a scam on us women, he's was mine, now i here he is a cheater, im crippled wheejchair, what kind of man use a person like me
By RED.AS.A.ROSE, Published April 01 2012.

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31, Oct 2014 - Woman Arrested For Second DUI After Crashing Into Stopped Car A woman is behind bars this morning after police say she rear-ended another vehicle while driving drunk. It happened Saturday afternoon when police say 53-year-old San Luis Obispo resident Lisa Davis was driving along Marsh Street. They say her Ford F-150 rear-ended a Subaru Outback stopped at a red light. The victim suffered a minor injury. Officers say Davis was driving under a suspended ...
27, Oct 2014 - SLO County District Attorney-elect Dan Dow names right-hand man San Luis Obispo County District Attorney-elect Dan Dow has named a seasoned prosecutor to fill the role of assistant district attorney.
22, Oct 2014 - AB109 presenting challenges, opportunities in SLO County Despite the challenges San Luis Obispo County has faced implementing AB 109, the governor's plan to shift low-level offenders to county jails and away from state prisons has also presented law enforcement with opportunities to expand inmate services locally.
20, Oct 2014 - San Luis Police Probe New Hampshire Pumpkin Fest Melee Police: Criminal behavior in melee near New Hampshire pumpkin festival will be prosecuted
04, Oct 2014 - MS-13 gang member arrested in southwestern Arizona U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Yuma Sector have arrested an MS-13 gang member near San Luis.
30, Sep 2014 - Candidate profile: Frank Campo Frank Campo, 48, works as a veteran’s representative for Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties for the state Employment Development Department. A veteran of the U.S. Army, Campo previously worked at the U.S. Penitentiary at Lompoc for 15 years, residing in Santa Maria. After moving to Southern California, he returned to the Central Coast in 2009, choosing to live in Lompoc.
24, Sep 2014 - SLO County district attorney to step down early San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Gerald Shea announced today he will step down from office Nov. 6, about 60 days earlier than he had previously planned.
07, Sep 2014 - San Luis Obispo Arrests Made in Fraternity House Robbery San Luis Obispo police, along with investigators from the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office and the county Sheriff’s Office, served three search warrants yesterday at about 2 p.m. at places that police said were associated with the suspects alleged to be involved with an attempted armed robbery of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house on California Blvd.. Police arrested 19 year ...
31, Aug 2014 - Alamosa Wanted Colorado Man Caught Attempting to Exchange Cocaine-covered Cash A bank employee at the San Luis Valley Federal Bank in Monte Vista, Colroado, raised the alarm after handling the money of Joseph Michael Gutierrez. Monte Vista Police Chief Jim Grayson told the Alamosa Valley Courier that officers responded to a possible hazardous material call at the bank. The San Luis Valley Hazardous Materials unit soon responded to the scene, where tests for hazardous ...
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