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Epp, Shawn
Rice County

Stevens, Frankie L
Rice County

Noltensmeier, Dawn Fern
Rice County

Jones, Shara Lee
Rice County
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25, Nov 2014 - Little River Little River sheriff injured in car crash WILTON, Ark. (AP) - Arkansas State Police are investigating a two-vehicle crash that injured the sheriff of a southwest Arkansas county. Little River County Sheriff Gary Gregory tells the Texarkana Gazette ( http://bit.ly/1xyktts ) he suffered unspecified non-life-threatening injuries in the Sunday crash near Wilton.
25, Nov 2014 - Little River Little River County sheriff injured in car crash WILTON — Arkansas State Police are investigating a two-vehicle crash that injured the sheriff of a southwest Arkansas county.
29, Aug 2014 - Little River SUV rollover accident occurs near Arkansas Highway police weigh station A Little River County sheriff's deputy examines the scene of a single-vehicle accident on U.S. Highway 71 north of Red River on Thursday morning. Brandy Gains was traveling southbound when he apparently lost control of the Chevy SUV he was driving near the curve by the weigh station.
09, May 2013 - Little River Little River inmates return to renovated county jail Officials in Little River County, Arkansas are excited about bringing their inmates home and the financial savings for the county.
03, May 2013 - Little River Little River County Jail prepares to reopen After being closed nearly four years, the Little River County Jail in Ashdown, Arkansas is ready to reopen.
02, May 2013 - Little River Little River inmates to stay in county after jail renovation The day will soon end for transporting inmates to other counties for housing, and Little River County, Arkansas authorities are happy about the news.
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