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Q: i cant find the inmate eric lee bell 19 black male (New Rochelle NY)
by nan
Q: Sources say that Danny Bahram Hakakian 'who heads up Venture Realty Inc.' is ignoring the illegal hotels in at least one of his buildings. The building '22 east 36th Street' a/k/a 213 Madison Avenue has converted the majority of the apartments into rent by the night, hotel rooms. The operator allegedly is Smart Apartments Inc. Since these vacation rentals companies are doing very well now, this seems to be the new 'NORM' I do feel bad for the legitimate tenants, who are subject to transients, who seem to pack ten people into an apartment that is legally allowed to have a maximum of three-four people. That's if it is a legal dwelling, not a hotel running out of a Class A Residential building. (which is illegal according to the illegal hotel law)
by Gibens
A: TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER in effect. The City of New York has recently filed suit against Smart Apartments LLC and Toshi Inc. in New York State Court. The City is seeking $1MM in punitive damages. The suit alleges that Smart Apartments is running an illegal short term hotel business out of (residential zoned buildings that prohibit transient tenants, and are then illegally converted into hotel rooms). The lawsuit alleges that Smart Apartments is operating illegal hotels out of, around fifty buildings. One of the addresses listed in the court papers is Danny Hakakian's 22 EAST 36 STREET. A temporary restraining order was approved by the court. The restraining order prohibits Smart Apartments Inc. from operating. Which includes renting out illegally converted apartments, as well as advertising them for rent. Contrary to the restraining order, Smart Apartments LLC continues to advertise and operate these illegal hotel rooms/apartments, and they are constantly being rented out, with total disregard of the court order. See lawsuit: http://www.nyc.gov/html/om/html/2012b/pr366-12.html
by Thomas R.
Q: Does anyone have information about the shooting by the Empire State Building this morning? Who was the shooter, and what was his motive for this vicious crime...
by NYCpi
Q: How to find out if someone has been arrested before, and if they have a criminal record in New York, or in another state?
by ConcernedCit
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WNY Police & Schools Jointly Prepare For Tragedies
The problem with these shooting crimes is, it's very hard to prevent. There will always be people with undetected, or, untreated neurological diseases or d(...)
12 18, 2012 | 15:11 Report Abuse
Who killed Iranian activist Gelareh Bagherzadeh? - USA Today
Go on Facebook to find justice for Gelareh bagherzadeh (...)
06 29, 2012 | 14:54 Report Abuse
CO injured in inmate attack - Press Republican
I think that half of these officers instigate these attacks, if not making it up altogether. These facilities are ran horribly, without regard to anyone. T(...)
03 03, 2012 | 18:33 Report Abuse
Franklin County deed transfers
I think all county public records should be published. Not only property, but criminal records, recent arrests and outstanding warrants. The public should (...)
02 22, 2012 | 09:36 Report Abuse
Recent Open Letters

To James Kilts, in Saratoga County Jail Ny
hey dad hope your having fun hope you learn from this and grow as a person i love you hope you get out soon please let this be a lesson stop drinking ple(...)
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To Amy Rossmann, in Ontario County Jail
Report Abuse
To John Williams, in Suffolk County Jail
John, I've searched for you all over and keep think I'm getting close to finding you, but I keep finding records of other people with the same name. I e(...)
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To Jose A Guevara, in Suffolk Country Correction Division
Hola Alfredo le saludo esperando se encuentre bien no hemos podido recibir sus llamadas x q no nos acepta la tarjeta de credito.Por favor escribanos para (...)
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Recent Reports

Beware of a purse snatcher (Mineola, New York)
I am a title examiner in Nassau County and I left my desk for a few moments, to retrieve some criminal documents. When I returned, I found that someone had(...)
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Report of a woman beater (Roxbury, New York)
my friend whos a female was pretty beaten up by David Chairvolotti who resides in Roxbury, NY right above Cassies Cafe. I want something done about this gu(...)
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SmartApartments.com Runs Illegal Hotel Business in Halstead Managed Building (Nyc, New York)
The authorities have been notified about the continued violations of the 'Illegal Hotel Law'. We need action, and need it NOW! It is suspected that the lan(...)
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Illegal Hotel Operation - City Does NOTHING! (New York, New York)
The building, 22 East 36th Street, has an illegal Hotel operating out of it. Many of the 'Residential Zoned' units are being rented out by the night, week (...)
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Accessing Inmate Medical Records

Many inmates in prisons or jails have or need medical attention. Correctional institution populations tend to experience higher rates of mental illness than non-imprisoned people due, in part, to the (...)

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