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30, Jun 2014 - Dupont Beaver Co. Man Facing Charges For Fire Truck Joyride A western Pennsylvania man has been jailed on charges that he sneaked into a volunteer fire department and took a fire truck on a 30-minute joyride with a woman passenger.
30, Jun 2014 - Dupont Trooper, school principal take stand in Middletown shooting trial MEDIA COURTHOUSE — A Delaware doctor accused of trying to kill her former partner and their son with a handgun as they sat in a car on Memorial Day 2013 did not have any damage to her extremities after being placed under arrest, according to a Pennsylvania State Police trooper.
28, Apr 2013 - Dupont About the speakers at the anti-bullying presentation Joseph E. McGettigan III: As senior deputy attorney general for Pennsylvania, McGettigan was assigned to prosecute Jerry Sandusky. McGettigan also prosecuted multimillionaire John duPont, who was convicted of killing Olympic gold medal wrestler David Schultz.
17, Apr 2013 - Dupont About the speakers Joseph E. McGettigan III: As senior deputy attorney general for Pennsylvania, McGettigan was assigned to prosecute Jerry Sandusky. McGettigan also prosecuted multimillionaire John duPont, who was convicted of killing Olympic gold medal wrestler David Schultz.
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Q: i was denied visitation for 180 days due to coming up hot for herion,never in my life did it,i am on fentanyal patch and other meds,went got two letters from my dr stating that is why i am showing up for herion cause it is a opiod,got lists of meds from pharmacy,what can i do (Washington 2915404 News Archives PA)
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Lancaster County man facing theft, drug charges
So...If you as a reader are doing drugs,this is where you'll end up. It is an expensive habit and you will do anything for that high.You will also loose ev(...)
03 31, 2012 | 12:30 Report Abuse
Hey, he is locked up again in Harrison County Mississippi. (...)
04 14, 2014 | 08:37 Report Abuse
Easton woman accused of molesting 3 boys - Allentown Morning Call
Criminal background checks can only identify people with criminal convictions for child sexual abuse. However, most acts of child sexual abuse are never re(...)
02 02, 2012 | 21:12 Report Abuse
Susquehanna County Man Dies While Working at Elk Mountain
Wayne was a great person and father. He will be missed by many. (...)
10 13, 2011 | 16:23 Report Abuse
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To Theresa Smith, in Fayette County Prison
dear theresa i recieved your letter and im as stressed as you are. this is all a bunch of bull.... no papers for you but can keep you . i dont understand h(...)
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To Gabriel Archangel, in Rockaway
15 November 2012 To my Friends: Are you listening to Runaway Train? I put it up a few days ago for all my incarcerated pals. Will be in touch! A(...)
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To Crhistopher Pretti, in Phone Acct For Chris
Chris we know where you are and glad you are alive but what trouble have you gotten yourself into?!!! When is your trial? we set up phone account so you (...)
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To Scott Davis, in State Prison
hi scott i hope you a great life,rotting in prison where you be long,i hope you do every day of you 30yrs.you see im getting on with my life with the help (...)
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purse snacther is going to prison (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania)
i was just in court today,to see and testify agaist the man who assaulted,and snatched my purse off of me.a couple months ago,he plead guilty to snatching (...)
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retail theft (West Mifflin, Pennsylvania)
i was standing in line when a guy came running past me,two loss prevention guys where right on him chased him outside,pounced on him cuffed him up,took him(...)
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PURSE SNATCHING (Pleasant Hills , Pennsylvania)
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Jerome Kirsch, Jr. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Jerome Kirsch, Jr. breaks his probation and has a warrant for his arrest for his second PFA violation. Jerome Kirsch, Jr. has a trial scheduled for Januar(...)
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SCPIPW presented, Rally in DC, FEB13, 2010.mp4

کمیته همبستگی با خواسته های دموکراتیک مردم ایران برگذار می کند تظاهرات و راهپیمایی در حمایت از مبارزات دموکراسی خواهانه مردم ایران اعتراض به سی سال نقض مستمر و برنامه ریزی شده حقوق بشر محکومیت آپارتاید سیاسی و تبعیض جنسیتي ،مذهبی و قومی مخالفت با سرکوب، حبس٫ شکنجه و اعدام آزادي خواهان آزادی زندانیان سیاسی و عقیدتی برخورداري ملت از حق تعيین سرنوشت شنبه ۱۳ فوریه، ۲۰۱۰ واشنگتن دی.سی.٫ آمریکا (Dupont Circle) گردهمایی در میدان دوپانت located at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue NW, Connecticut Avenue NW, New Hampshire Avenue NW, P Street NW, and 19th Street NW. ساعت ۱:۳۰ بعد از ظهر (Freedom Plaza) حرکت به طرف فریدم پلازا Northwest Washington, DC located at the corner of 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue ساعت ۲:۰۰ بعد از ظهر جزئیات بیشتر٫ متعاقبا اعلام خواهد شد. ***** Solidarity Committee to Protect the Iranian Peoples Will (SCPIPW) presents: Demonstration and Rally in support of the Iranian Peoples Call for Democracy On Bahman 22nd, while celebrating the anniversary of the Revolution of 1979, Iran will most likely be witnessing a new round of popular protests against the heightened levels of repression by the Iranian Government. On Saturday February 13th, several days after the anniversary of the 1979 Revolution in Iran, we will gather to voice our protest against: 30 years of Civil, Political and Human Rights Abuses Political, Religious and Ethnic Discrimination Oppression, Prison, Torture and Execution and demand for Freedom of Prisoners of Conscience We will demand ...
Updated: April 17 2013
State Penitentiary Reintegration: Innovator's Focus
Updated: April 17 2013
Western pennsylvania  2
Updated: April 17 2013
[PA] Chief Curran trial underway for killing Tina
Updated: April 17 2013
1/18 Upper Providence Twp. Police CVPI 68 Car
Updated: April 17 2013
Work Release in the County
Updated: April 17 2013
Lancaster County, PA 2007
Updated: April 17 2013
Jury: Former Bernville Police Chief Guilty of Wife's Murder
Updated: April 17 2013
Updated: April 17 2013
[PA] Officer Fimiano charged with domestic violence
Updated: April 17 2013
Robber Holds Up OC Sturdy Savings Bank
Updated: April 17 2013
Nicholas Hadzick: Naked Rampage - Today Show
Updated: April 17 2013
[PA] Officer Fimiano dui (before his dv charge)
Updated: April 17 2013
[PA] 23yo Stephanie Irvine killed by Ret. Butler Co. Jailer
Updated: April 17 2013
State College PA Criminal Defense Lawyer
Updated: April 17 2013
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[PA] Lancaster Police Officer Jose Diaz lethal vehicular domestic assault
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Attention Parents and Students of Penn State University Charged With a Crime
Updated: April 17 2013
US Attorney press conference following Ciavarella verdict
Updated: April 17 2013
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Penn. Judges Get Kickbacks for Placing Youths in Jails-1 2
Updated: April 17 2013
Bankruptcy Attorneys In Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
Updated: April 17 2013
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While most offenders will complete the full length of their sentences, some inmates will be granted early release from prisons. There are two possible paths to an early release, the first being Compas(...)

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