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14, Apr 2013 - Luck St. Patrick's Day shenanigans blatantly break rules at Wisconsin Capitol, police issue no citat On St. Patrick's Day, I attended the annual Irish flag ceremony at the Capitol, an event I have been going to for several years and which as a proud man of Irish heritage I have always enjoyed. But this year, I noticed several hooligans engaging in behavior that many of those in the Solidarity Sing Along have been cited for in the past year.
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Iron County MI Police Department

I have six sons. I am no longer married to thier father. Their father has been in and out of jail for years. My boys carry his last name. Along with the last name they are prejudged even by the police. I have a 17 yr old(Jacob Luckey) who has never been in troble. He has recently been interveiwed by the police because 2 of his friends got into some trouble. Now the police are convinced that he was involved. The crimes happened in Wis. We live in MI. My son told them everything he could about his friends. Now the police officer from Wisconsin is contacting my sons friends and asking them about Jacob and they all tell them the same thing..that Jacob is to religiouse to do anything like that. We live in a small town. Now the local police are calling his friends parents andd telling them not to let their children hang out with Jacob because he is in trouble. I dont know what to do. I just want them to stop. My children cant even get a job because of thier last name. Jacob dose work for an older lady, that I knew since childhood, doing yard work and odd jobs. Mt son was not involved with the trouble his friends got into. Even they told the cops that. It was stated to one of my son's friends that the cops were watching him now! This needs to stop! My children get harrased even by teachers because of thier last name! No one looks at them for who they are. I raised them alone and thier father never contacts them. I hope you can help me put an end to this. Its been going on for ...
Polk County Wisconsin - Sheriff Debate - Q: #6 - Alternative Income Sources
Updated: April 14 2013
Cost of Alien Inmates
Updated: April 14 2013
Polk County Wisconsin Chapter 128 call 1-888-551-1270
Updated: April 14 2013
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Many inmates in prisons or jails have or need medical attention. Correctional institution populations tend to experience higher rates of mental illness than non-imprisoned people due, in part, to the (...)

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